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Workers’ Comp Walk-In Clinic in Fair Oaks, CA

Urgent Care Now Treats Work Related Illnesses and Injuries and Provides Medical Evaluations.

Workers’ Comp Walk-In Clinic in Fair Oaks, CA

Lets face it, no matter how safe or secure a work place can be, accidents may still happen. When your worker suffers a nonlife-threatening injury or illness while on the job, send them to Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA. You will avoid the long waits and high costs of an emergency room without sacrificing the high-quality care your employee deserves. Our walk-in urgent care facility is staffed with board-certified doctors seven days a week and is ready to provide immediate care for any workplace mishaps. No appointment is needed, and we work with most major workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

Our goal at Urgent Care Now is to get your employee back to you, ready to work as soon as possible. We also want to make sure they are safely ready to work for you. There’s no sense in sending someone back to a job if they are going to get themselves hurt again. As an owner or manager, we’ll keep you updated on their return to work status. You can worry about the everyday ins and outs of your business while we will worry about the ins and outs of the complete recovery of your employee.

Another area where you can utilize our expertise is Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This entire process can be very confusing and overwhelming. Ideally, neither you or your employee should have a lot of experience in this area in the first place. Our staff, however, has years of experience in managing this process and will handle all of the paperwork and recordkeeping requirements. We’ll ensure that there is no delay in processing your employee’s claim because proper paperwork wasn’t filled out and filed. Our experts will guide you and your employee through the entire process, so they can get back to health quickly and work for you again.

Another area small business owners and managers use us for include the medical evaluations of employees. Annual physicals and random drug screenings are a great way to ensure workplace safety and reduce the overall cost of keeping your employees healthy. We can also work with you one on one to create a customized physical for all current and potential new hires. Regardless of industry, we can develop a physical to address any of your concerns. We’ll alert you if we come across any issues and provide you with the full results of any drug or alcohol screenings. Our onsite, state of the art lab allows us to process these screenings and tests quickly. Please call ahead if you intend on sending a large group to our facility so we can ensure everyone can be seen promptly.

Urgent Care Now is located at 12417 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 600, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. We are open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, making us a very convenient choice to send your employee to for immediate care. Questions about our services or would like to discuss setting up a physical for your workers? Call our friendly staff today at 916-246-2394.

We look forward to meeting you and keep your employees healthy!


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