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Preventative Health at Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks CA

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Preventative Health at Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks CA

What is Preventative Healthcare?

Preventative healthcare is the medicine that focuses on the prevention of disease and disability rather than the cure or treatment of disease and disability, which is reactive rather than preventive. Preventative healthcare, although less common than curative healthcare, is considered to be essential to maintaining a healthy life, for young and old.

Your physician will practice preventative healthcare by establishing a baseline of health for your unique system. As everyone is different, a physical exam and blood and urine screenings will establish what is considered “normal” for you so that any exam, test, or screening thereafter will catch any changes or red flags. Preventative healthcare also involves regular annual physical exams, immunizations, and vaccines against preventable diseases (such as polio and Hepatitis), advanced screenings for cancer and chronic conditions, and counseling and education on healthy habits, among others.

Children, adult men, adult women, pregnant women, and seniors all receive preventative measures that vary slightly. Age, sex, and genetic predisposition all play a factor in the specific kinds of preventative services you may receive. Young children develop quickly and, because of their new and weak immune systems, require frequent child well checks to ensure they’re meeting their developmental milestones, to receive immunizations throughout their early years, and be watched for behavioral, mental, and emotional health. Your pediatrician will watch for chronic conditions or signs of early childhood diseases.

Adult men and women’s preventative healthcare involve height and weight monitoring, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, cancer screening, and age-specific immunizations. Women receive additional preventative healthcare services to screen for breast cancer and cervical cancer. Pregnant women should also see an OBGYN or obstetrician for specialized preventative healthcare as pregnancy brings with it many risks. Furthermore, seniors receive additional preventative healthcare services as age plays a factor in the development of disease and disability. Seniors will receive bone density screenings and daily medication counseling, among other things. Even though each person is unique and their requirements are specific to them, preventative healthcare is designed to keep each person happy and healthy throughout their lives by preventing the development of disease or disability before it happens.

How does your urgent care center help patients with preventative health?

Although your preventative healthcare will be taken care of by your primary care physician, urgent care centers also play an important role in preventing disease or disability. When your family doctor is unavailable, your community urgent care center and the highly qualified, board-certified physicians and medical professionals who work there can help you. At Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA, we practice walk-in family medicine and provide specialty care for seniors, adults, and children as part of our patients’ comprehensive preventative healthcare. We are not only focused on providing you quality urgent care when you’re sick or hurt, but we are also focused on your overall health and wellbeing, which includes preventative measures.

What types of diseases can be prevented at your urgent care center?

As mentioned previously, preventative healthcare is designed to prevent disease and disability. Although there are many diseases that can be prevented through preventative measures, the four most common are heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, and obesity. At Urgent Care Now, we help you prevent these four diseases through blood and urine screenings that are analyzed in our state-of-the-art laboratory, physical exams, and counseling and educational services on living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Diabetes can be prevented or delayed, even if you have a family history of diabetes, through lifestyle changes such as weight control, healthy eating, and physical activity. Regular physical exams and blood tests will help us catch early warning signs of diabetes. If we see these signs, or you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, we will counsel you on how to adopt healthy habits to prevent the progression of the disease.

Heart disease is a major concern for many doctors, as it is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Because of this, blood pressure and cholesterol screening are a part of regular checkups. We will ask you for your family history in conjunction with your physical exam so we can look for warning signs of heart disease. You may not be able to control all factors that contribute to heart disease (such as age and sex), but there are some things you can do to help prevent heart disease. If you are worried, you can talk to our experienced physicians who will be happy to provide education and counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Cancer is an on-going concern for many, and because it is so common, cancer screenings are an important part of prevention. Common types of cancer include skin cancer (which can be seen on the skin), colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer (which can be caught early during breast exams and mammograms), and cervical cancer (which is tested for during pap smears).  By screening for common cancers during regular exams, it is more likely that certain cancers will be caught early enough to ensure that treatments will be successful.

It is easy to say that obesity is easily avoidable if you just eat right, but there is no one cause of obesity. Obesity is a chronic disease that is related to genetics, psychological, physical, neurological, and hormonal impairments. It is linked to heart disease, sleep apnea, and some cancers. By fostering a relationship with healthcare practitioners early in life, however, obesity can partly be prevented. Your physician will counsel you on healthy lifestyles and help your children develop healthy habits early in life that will help prevent obesity.

We look forward to answering your questions about your long-term care and preventative health at Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA.


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