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Urgent Care Near Carmichael, CA

Looking for Urgent Care Near Carmichael Area? Visit Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks. Our Dedicated Doctors and Team of Medical Professionals Treat Children to Seniors 7 Days a Week. Walk-ins are Welcome or Check In Online to Skip the Wait.

Urgent Care Near Carmichael, CA

When you or someone in your family needs to see a doctor, you deserve a conveniently located urgent care center that can provide you with everything you need. At Urgent Care Now near Carmichael, CA, we offer exceptional medical treatment without any appointment necessary, so you and your loved ones can access high-quality, effective healthcare services every day of the week.

How much does it cost to go to urgent care?

The total cost of your individual urgent care visit will depend on which services you are taking advantage of. In general, the cost of an urgent care visit is comparable to that of an appointment with your doctor, and far less expensive than a lengthy trip to the emergency room. Other factors that will impact your cost include your health insurance plan and the specific urgent care center you choose. At Urgent Care Now, we believe in offering transparent pricing for a wide range of important healthcare services, so our patients are fully informed before they receive treatment. The national average cost for urgent care visits ranges from $50-150, though the cost of your appointment could be more or less, depending on your needs.

When should you go to an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers are optimally suited to addressing immediate medical needs that are not life-threatening. Urgent Care Now provides fast and efficient diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of common health problems. We can help you recover from an illness or minor injury including minor fractures, lacerations, and burns. Because we accept patients without an appointment, we offer families in the Carmichael area a convenient option when they need to see a doctor quickly. Emergency rooms will treat the most serious cases first, which could leave you waiting for hours before you see a doctor. E.R. visits can also be prohibitively expensive, so an urgent care center provides you with a better way to see a doctor quickly without spending hundreds of dollars to access the care you need.

Is urgent care covered by insurance?

Nearly all health insurance will cover a visit to an urgent care center, though your co-pay may vary depending on your coverage. At Urgent Care Now, we strive to make our healthcare services accessible for as many patients in our community as we can. We accept most major health insurance coverage including Medicare. If you have questions about which insurance companies we accept, please call (916) 246-2394 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member. For patients without insurance, or those whose coverage is not accepted at our Fair Oaks location, we also offer convenient and affordable self-pay options, so you never have to forgo necessary treatment.

What is the copay for urgent care?

The copay you will be required to provide at Urgent Care Now will depend on many different factors. The out-of-pocket cost for your visit will be determined by the services you access during your appointment, as well as the parameters of your specific insurance plan. The co-pay for a physical exam could be less than $50, while digital x-ray imaging will cost more. If you have questions about your out-of-pocket expenses at Urgent Care Now, our dedicated staff members can help you understand your options and your financial responsibility, so you will feel confident in the care you receive at our walk-in clinic.

If you or a loved one need to see a doctor for a non-life-threatening medical condition, trust the experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals at Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA. We are conveniently located about 10 minutes away from Carmichael, CA, making us a convenient choice for families across the area.


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