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Top Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares in Fair Oaks CA Instead of the ER

Learn the 6 Benefits of Choosing Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks CA Instead of the ER. For More Information Call Us or Walk-in Today. No Appointment Necessary, No Wait!

Top Reasons to Visit Urgent Cares in Fair Oaks CA Instead of the ER

In times of stress and panic, when you’ve been injured and are in pain or if you’re sick and your doctor’s office is closed, it can be hard to know where to go to find help. Unless you’re experiencing a life- or limb-threatening emergency (like a heart attack, uncontrollable bleeding, or stroke), you can visit an urgent care center instead of a hospital emergency room. In fact, there are many benefits to visiting an urgent care center over an emergency room! Below are six reasons why you should visit Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA, instead of going to the ER.

1. You Get Faster Access to Board-Certified Doctors

If you go to the ER, you will likely end up waiting over an hour, sometimes for more than a few hours, because patients are seen by the severity of their condition, not the order of their arrival. However, the wait at urgent care centers is much shorter, averaging 20 minutes. Urgent care centers are also run by expert emergency physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical professionals, so you will still receive high-quality medical care but without the long wait time.

2. You Have Access to High-Quality Diagnostics

Urgent care centers are usually well-equipped with high-quality diagnostics and often have an on-site laboratory and x-ray services, at least. At Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA, we have on-site lab testing, digital x-rays run by skilled x-ray technicians, and electrocardiogram (EKG) services. Our specially trained technicians work closely with our physicians to provide you accurate and detailed diagnoses for your conditions, which will help us determine the best course of treatment. Additionally, you will be sent home with a CD of any x-rays we have taken during your visit, and your lab tests, x-rays, and EKG results will all be forwarded to your primary care physician if you ask us to.

3. Compassionate Care from Experienced Physicians

Our doctors Rusty Oshita, MD and Xavier Salinas, MD are board-certified, skilled, and experienced emergency physicians who lead a compassionate and highly trained staff of medical professionals. At Urgent Care Now, you will receive superior medical care for your non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses 365 days a year with no appointment necessary from our competent and friendly staff!

4. Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

When you suddenly have to visit a doctor, the cost of that visit can be a source of stress. Hospital ER visits can be shockingly expensive, but your late-night sore throat doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. On average, the cost of a visit to an ER is between $340-$670 while the average cost of a visit to urgent care for the same reason is between $95-$115. At Urgent Care Now, we believe that every patient should have access to quality healthcare when they need it most. This is why we accept most major health insurance plans and offer affordable self-pay options.

5. Comprehensive Medical Services

At Urgent Care Now, we provide comprehensive health services beyond urgent care for illnesses and injuries. We can provide quick and accurate pregnancy testing, either through urine or blood, and our board-certified physicians will discuss the results and next steps with you. If your primary care physician has asked you to get an EKG, you can come to Urgent Care Now. We will perform an EKG, which measures the natural electricity in your heart, and our doctors will go over the results with you and forward the results to your primary care physician. We also provide EKG services if your primary physician has asked you to get one.

6. Workers’ Compensation and Employment Services

At Urgent Care Now, we provide specialized services for workplace injuries and work directly with most major workers’ compensation insurance carriers. We provide treatment for workplace injuries on a walk-in basis from board-certified emergency medicine physicians. Our staff will keep you, a business owner or manager, updated on your employee’s return to work status, and we will ensure that he or she will well enough to safely return to work as quickly as possible.

Because workers’ compensation can be such a confusing process, our highly experienced staff will handle all the paperwork and record-keeping requirements for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We will ensure that your employee’s claim is processed on-time so there is no delay in compensation.

We also provide medical evaluations for new employees, annual physicals, and random drug screenings for the workplace. We offer these services because we want to help you keep your workplace is safe and your employees are healthy. We will work directly with you to create a customized physical for all current employees and new hires, and we are able to adapt any plan to any work environment. We will provide you with all results of employee exams and screenings, and alert you to any issues. We are able to provide you with quick results because of our state-of-the-art on-site lab.

At Urgent Care Now in Fair Oaks, CA, we care about the health and wellbeing of you, your family, and your employees. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare quickly and efficiently and treat every patient like they were family. We serve our community with compassion and board-certified physicians and medical staff strive to provide comprehensive and caring urgent care to all our patients. Our clinic is walk-in (so no appointment is necessary), open 7 days a week including holidays, and we are open from 9am-9pm. We have invested heavily in electronic medical records so we can easily share them with your primary care physician, and we can provide you with e-prescriptions.

We are here to help you with your urgent conditions when your family doctor is unavailable. You can avoid the long waits and high costs of a hospital emergency room while still receiving the best urgent care in Fair Oaks, CA.


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